Christmas revisited

It’s always a guessing game as to what Brandi is gonna want for Christmas.  One year, she had fabric delivered and I covered all her outdoor furniture cushions.

This year, she came with her suitcase stuffed full of her bedroom curtains.  She wanted the shirred curtains made into Roman shades, as the curtains seemed to dwarf her small bedroom.  She checked with a local seamstress out there, and the lady wanted $2000 to make the 4 shades from the curtains.  So her Christmas present from me was once again a sewing project.  We spent a bit of time together in the basement, which was a treat.

She sent me a photo of the first shade when she got it hung, and I must say it looks good.  I was a little intimidated working just from her measurements-not that I don’t trust her to do it right, but my daddy always said measure twice, cut once.

So Brandi has decided that this was the most expensive gift I’ve ever given her.  We’ll see what next year brings!

I returned a couple of things I had bought Leslie.  I think that I’ll use the money to buy plants to landscape the slope in the backyard of the house they are hoping to buy.  It’s a beautiful , with a slope that runs down to a small creek at the foot of the hill.  I’m thinking some silverbells, leucothe, sparkleberry, and native azaleas on the slope for spring blooms, some sourwood along the woods line for the gorgeous blooms in  and late summer and some witch hazel for those beautiful spidery blooms in November.  Along the stream bank, I’ll plant lots of rescued ferns.  All this after we remove the privet hedge and the English Ivy.  Yuck!  It will be a showplace if/when we ever get it done.  It’s going to be a long term project, but one I’m just itching to get started on.

One thought on “Christmas revisited

  1. Debbie Parker

    Carol, I love reading your posts! Brandi and Leslie are so blessed to have you. I know they’re grateful for you. You are so talented and gifted in so many areas of life. I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do. My mama hand stitched the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen in my life. She didn’t like to use a sewing machine. Don’t know why. She also loved to do embroidery. Your sewing reminds me of Johnny’s mother, she could make anything. She made drapes, like you. They would have cost so much if you had “a professional” make them or went to a high end store. I don’t think there’s anything as special as your mama making something for you and knowing that it’s made with love and perfection. Carol Hight does nothing half way.
    As for me, I’m still learning. Or at least… trying 🙂


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