The basement saga continues

I promised myself a while ago that I would do a compete overhaul in the basement, throwing out the unneeded/unwanted and organizing the rest of the ‘stuff’.  Well, stowing away the Christmas stuff has got me on a roll.  Yesterday, I emptied one of several storage totes containing Christmas linens- napkins, table runner, tablecloths, etc.  Whittled that down to two totes-one full of stuff I use every year, the other full of stuff that I bought intending to get them embroidered for gifts.  That’s a project for a later date.

Then I tackled a box labeled “Christmas fabric”.  Found several pieces of fabric with Christmas vests printed on them.  I cut our all the vest last night and got three of them quilted (I’m adding a thin layer of batting to make them warmer) and stitched together.  Then I started cutting the other Christmas fabrics into pillow sized pieces.  Couldn’t get started on the sewing because I didn’t have enough cording, and I do love pillows with cording!  After a trip this afternoon to the fabric store, I’ll start on the pillows tonight.  I plan to make them removable so I can change out the covers for pillows on the front porch rockers.  May also have some to sell at the Christmas bazaar next year.

We’ve had my brother and nephews over all day trying to find a water leak.  They had to dig up a bunch of the front yard-that red clay is sticky with all this rain.  Finally found the leak at the faucet in the garden.  At least they didn’t have to replace the whole water line as we had feared.  Steve is such a good old soul.  Never complains about working in the cold or heat.  I got lucky when I was born into the family with a brother like him.

We bought a new dining room set before Christmas, and the rug looked terrible with the red seated chairs.  So the new rug came today and the old rug looks great in my bedroom.  Couldn’t have worked out better.  Hopefully that’s all the stuff we’ll have to deal with for a while, until I start my next remodel project.  Oh, yes, there’s always something that change be changed, rearranged, torn down or built on.  I have three specific projects in mind, but I’ll only spring one at a time on Mr. Hight.  I have to give him time to recover from one before I begin on another!

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