Monthly Archives: November 2013

What a difference…

What a difference a week or so can make in your life.  Two weeks ago, I was caught up in my yard work, rescue work, volunteer work, and the other things I have devoted my retirement time to, when that world ended.  My sister, Dianne, was diagnosed with cancer, went in for surgery and found that the cancer has spread to several organs.  Now my days are devoted to helping her around the house (she wants it all clean and tidy in case of visitors over the coming weeks), cooking things I think she might be able to eat because she is having trouble swallowing, and just being with her.  Tomorrow, I’ll take her for her first visit to the oncologist to set up her schedule for chemo.  For nine weeks, she’ll have a very aggressive treatment, hoping to shrink the tumors to operable size.

It’s amazing how something like this puts everything else into perspective.  So what if I don’t get the leaves mulched this year?  And who says you have to have your days filled with mindless things to keep you busy?  And certainly, those curtains and that painting in the bedroom don’t have a high priority.

I am so thankful for that great group of nurses Dianne has worked with for so many years.  They were with us at the hospital during her surgery last week, helped us decipher the doctor’s report, and have been helping to keep up her spirits with texts and calls.  I’m thankful for my family who have all rallied around and are volunteering to take turns carrying her to treatments, helping out around her house, bringing food, etc.  Right now, all she needs is rest, prayers, and loving support.

Two weeks ago I was a sister who was content to keep busy with my own interests, with little concern for others.  Today, I’m a sister who has become my sister’s biggest supporter.  I hope she knows how much I love her, although she doesn’t like the mushy stuff!  She knows there is love in every bite of soup I make her, in every piece of furniture I dust, and in every silly thing I say to make her laugh.  That’s the difference a couple of weeks can make.