Let it snow, let it snow….if it must

The beehive is snugly enshrouded with an insulated blanket and a reducer on the opening to reduce the cold air getting inside.  I’m sure the bees will appreciate that if it gets as cold as predicted.  The dogs are snuggled on their blankets in Scott’s office, and I’m about to put some supper in the oven.

While I built a beehive insulation box, Scott covered all the outside faucets with insulation and plastic.  We went to all the hardware places today and the insulated faucet were all sold out.  Home Depot had people coming from D’ville and surrounding areas, and the last ones were sold by 10:00 this morning.  So we improvised and made our own.  Lowe’s said they were getting in a truck tonight, but we weren’t sure they were getting any faucet covers.  Better safe than sorry.  I sure didn’t want to be out there after dark trying to cover the faucets.  Note to self:  go get some faucet covers as soon as possible for the next cold snap!

I have three delicious books checked out from the library, as well as my Sunday School lesson to study, so the brain won’t shut down if the snow comes.

And I still have a bazillion things to sew if I get tired of reading.

There’s a big pot of homemade chicken  noodle soup, a large bowl of homemade chicken salad, and plenty of bread and milk, fixings for more soup-vegetable and clam chowder, if needed. .  So we can weather any storm that comes our way.  We even have some firewood stocked up.

For the sake of those who are homeless, or who have homes that don’t hold heat well, I would wish away this cold coming our way.  With each snowflake that falls, I’ll be praying for everyone to stay safe and warm inside their homes.  I am so thankful for all my blessings.

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