And there goes the weekend….

Of course, every day is a weekend day when you’re retired and doing your own thing.

Saturday we had such a great rescue.  The bulldozers are moving in slowly, but surely, so we have to rescue as many plants over the coming months as we possibly can.  I brought home about a dozen ferns-maidenhair, broad beech, royal, cinnamon, lady, and Christmas- along with some blue lobelia, litaris, purple asters, rattlesnake orchids, and more tiarella.  A person can never have enough tiarella-my favorite flowering native plant.  It’s all potted and getting ready for the plant sale at the Native Plant Society workshop next Saturday.

Today we had a big family lunch at mama’s, who’s looking a little ragged after she fell and bruised her face last week.  On Wed. she had two black eyes, but today, the blood had drained and she had two black cheeks.  We’re very blessed that she didn’t suffer anything worse.  She said her nose was sore where her glasses bumped it and cut a place.  But other than that, she didn’t have any soreness to speak of (or at least none she would ‘fess up to).

Ahh, for a calmer week starting tomorrow,



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