Here we go again…..

Another ‘not busy’ week has turned into a corker.  Monday I plowed, shoveled, raked, and planted all morning.  Tuesday I spent the morning wondering why I was so ‘stove up’ as my mama would say.   Well, duh!  I had just spent a day wrestling with a tiller and working with tools that don’t have an off/on switch.

Most of the day Tuesday, I spent running errands, then quilting and sewing.

Wednesday I  spent on errands and more time in the garden, cooking a big supper, more quilting time, and more sewing time.

Yesterday, I got my hair done in the morning, worked at the Open Hands Ministry for the afternoon, , cooked supper then went to MG meeting last night.  Then I quilted til bedtime.

Today, I plowed, shoveled, raked, and planted another vegetable bed, hauled water from my rain barrels to my most newly planted things in the yard (with help from my retired post hole digger.  He’s also quite handy with a wheelbarrow.) and to the potted plants I’ve potted for the plant sale.  Tonight Scott is going to the ballgame, so I’m grocery shopping (if I can remember how to do that, since he usually takes my list) to cook for a dinner at Mama’s house on Sunday.

Tomorrow it’s another native plant rescue, hoping to get some native liatris, blue lobelia, more ferns and native magnolias for the native plant workshop next weekend.

So how’s next week looking?  Rescue dig on Thursday, trip to Gainesville on Friday, trip to LaGrange one day, board meeting one evening, and hopefully starting the paint job on mama’s bedroom.  And Saturday will be spent at the Ag Center hosting a native plant workshop.  Whew!  I gotta change my phone number!


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