What’s wrong with this picture?

Our county school board approved a swap of over a million dollars in land, buildings, and equipment to a church (where the county board chairman is in a position of responsibility) for property valued at $80,000.  And from the pictures, it appears the equipment included overhead projectors (which were very hard to come by and had to be shared when I was teaching) wall mounted televisions, tables, chairs, desks, office chairs, and myriad other things.  All this in exchange for a piece of property to be used as a football practice field (which, if I’m not mistaken, was already being used by the Mt. Zion school, with the county doing the maintenance and upkeep).

Keep in mind that they can throw this kind of money around, while teachers have told me they got no supply money for paper, crayons, glue, and other consummables last year.  I dont know about this year.  I guess those overpaid teachers are expected to buy that out of their pockets.

I believe that one of the reasons they decided to do this swap was to help out the taxpayers of Carroll County.  How can giving away this much taxable property to a church which pays no taxes, be a good deal for the county taxpayers.  I think the citizens of this county need to rise up and take notice of the shenanigans being perpetrated on us by our elected officials.  Maybe it’s time to clean house from the board to the superintendent and the other flunkies at the county office.  Enough is enough.


If I have misread or misinterpreted any of this, please feel free to correct me.  I certainly don’t want to be angry about the wrong shenanigans!

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