Where do my days go?

Once again it is nearing the middle of the week, and I’ve already lost track of two days.  Where do my days disappear to?  It seems I barely get started til it’s time to quit for bedtime.

Yesterday, we made a trip to Scott’s doctor in Atlanta, with a great report on his blood work following his cancer surgery.  Got home in time to eat a quick lunch, put something in the oven for supper, then out to the yard to do some planting.  I’ve been on three rescues over the last week, so I have lots to plant.  I put in a large grouping of ebony spleenwort ferns and three “Snowflake”oakleaf hydrangeas .   Then in to cook dinner and make a pot of soup for the keenagers lunch at church on Tuesday.  Did a little sewing and some computer work, then it was bedtime.

This morning, I went on another rescue and got lots of good plants for an area Dianne wants to plant.  Ran home long enough to plant 4 trees I had rescued, along with some native iris and False Solomon’s Seal.  A quick trip to Bowdon to pick up the car after some repair work, and now we both have wheels again.  Then some research on some of the plants I rescued before the native plant society meeting.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Bowdon to begin planting some beds for Dianne.  I think that’s all I plan to do tomorrow.

Thursday-trip to an appointment in Marietta, then home to do some more planting.

Friday is my day off!  I have absolutely no plans, so nobody is to call me and schedule any of my time.  And this time I really mean it!!!!!!!


I love my life of leisurely retirement.

One thought on “Where do my days go?

  1. Debbie Parker

    I so enjoy reading each entry by you Carol. I feel like I learn something each time and it’s like reading a good book (which by the way, you should do) your adventures in gardening and landscape are to be admired. So glad to hear Scott got a good report from the doctor. I am very serious about you writing a book about your life of teaching, your knowledge of so many things. A Master Gardener, science teacher, a seamstress, mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Oh let’s not forget Braves fan. lol Those are only what I know of. I would love to have your knowledge of plants and your energy so, keep posting please. Always love to read your about adventures 🙂


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