Out of the mouths of babes….

My great niece, Ila, is such a hoot.  She certainly marches to her own drummer.  When they visit in the summer, we all just sit around and wait for her next hilarious comment.

Ila loves Granny’s sweet pickles.  LeeAnn, being the great mom that she is, limits the sugar intake of her kids.  Now eating Granny’s pickles is like eating a bar of candy they are so sweet.  (And, boy are they good!)

So LeeAnn goes in the kitchen and notices that the pickle jar is empty and pickle juice if everywhere.  She tracks down the pickle thief, who is sitting in her bed with a plate full of pickles, chowing down.

After a few comments from her mom, Ila makes a profound comment.  “We need to call Granny.”

“Why do we need to call Granny?” asks her mom.

“We need to tell her we are running ridiculously low on pickles!”

Can life be any simpler than that.  A simple call to Granny could make her world right again.

Gotta love that kid!


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