We’re old!

Yep.  It’s official.  Scott and I are old.  We spent an evening in Lowell at the Opry House last night listening to country music from the sixties.  And really enjoyed it!  This was the first time we went to a show there, and it was really quite good.  We’ll for sure be going back again.  The music wasn’t too loud, the singers were very good, doing imitations of some of the old country stars such as Waylon, Willie, George Jones.  The atmosphere were very relaxed.  i’d recommend it as a short trip for a fun evening.  But don’t tell my mama we enjoyed it so much.  After my years of complaining every Saturday when she listened to the Opry when I was a kid while Dianne and I ironed all the clothes, I’m afraid she might whup me.

One thought on “We’re old!

  1. david

    So glad you liked it. Joyce and I have been going to shoes since they opened and the gang there are just the best. George and Mark are the tops in West GA and I love Ms Youmans.


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