I have had  real problems with squirrels eating my tomatoes.  Just as the tomatoes start to ripen, the squirrels grab them and take a bite or two.  Then they throw them down and grab another one.  They have gotten so bold, they actually sit on the fence railing and eat them while I’m in the garden. I do believe that squirrels can snicker!  Not one to be outdone by these rascally critters, I decided to squirrel proof my plants.  I wrapped bird netting around each section of garden with tomatoes planted there.  I pulled the netting up over the tops of the plants and connected them with twist ties.  Took me two hot, sweaty afternoons to get them all done.  Outsmarted all the squirrels, right?  Don’t know whether the squirrels were outsmarted or not, but I sure outsmarted myself, cause now I can’t even get to them without pulling down the netting!  Well, at least I can stand outside the barrier and watch the tomatoes grow and ripen.

Oh, well, tomorrow is another day, and I’m sure another brilliant idea like this will occur to me.


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