A Successful Christmas

The tree is down, decorations are packed away, and I’m through for the day.  Don’t want to think about what needs to be done in the basement to get everything back in some semblance of order.

On the other hand, I have installed 48 card holders on the drawers of the cabinet I am restoring.  It’s an old lateral filing cabinet with 24 drawers.  I found it half rotted away in the basement of a house my cousin bought.  It had been in the Bank of Covington for years, then put in storage when they modernized.  When I started the refinishing, the card holders had the alphabet written on the backs of cut up food ration coupons from the 40’s.

With a new base, new top and some sanding and staining, it will make a great storage cabinet for my table linens.  I’m also devoting a couple of the drawers to cards and stationary to make a correspondence center.

Brandi and Leslie gave me new brass card holders for the drawers and they look great.  Now I just have to find some appropriate-sized handles for the very shallow  drawers and I’ll be all set.  They gave me handles, but they are a bit too substantial for the small drawers.  But they look great on the kitchen cabinets where I am installing them to replace the 30+ year old handles that have definitely seen better days.  They did a great job of selecting just the perfect gift.


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