The Race is On!

Whew!  With all this rain, I’m in a race against the weeds and the reseeding flowers that are crowding their neighbors.  But I still find a little space here and there to tuck in something new.  The butterfly garden is coming right along.  The cosmos are blooming, the first of the butterfly weed opened this morning, and the pentas are ready to go in the ground.  I am seeing hummers at the red honeysuckle and the bush salvia.  If only the weeds would disappear, I’d be a happy gardener, indeed


Coral Bells in full bloom.

And the bleeding hearts just keep on blooming.

Bleeding Hearts still blooming after all these days.

Praying Hands hosta

Praying Hands hosta in homemade hypertufa pot

A foxglove that I have  no idea how it came to be in this flower bed.

A foxglove that I have no idea how it came to be in this flower bed.


Nigella, with one of the rarest blue colors, much like a bachelor’s button. Brought this back from a trip to San Francisco.

I know the Rose Campion can be invasive, but I just love that magenta color!

Rose Campion-an heirloom plant that I got from my great Aunt Maude over 30 years ago. It can be invasive, but I like the magenta color enough to overlook that.

The Pentas are butterfly favorites.

Planting pentas just for the butterflies. Of course, it doesn’t hurt my feelings to look at it either.


The snapdragon is a sentimental favorite. I remember my Mama Gentry having it in her yard.

The cylcamen have enjoyed the rains.

The Cyclamen have enjoyed the rains.


My shade garden in the back yard is also a water loving garden. It helps that the fountain splashes water on the plants all day and all night.

The Blue Mammoth hosta.

Blue Mammoth hosta was one of my first hostas. It is over 5 feet across. Has done exceptionally well with all this rain.


The mailbox clematis hasn’t bloomed well for two years. The oak tree above it has spread so much that it keeps the clematis shaded. The blooms are nice, but the plant is very lush.

My potato plants are blooming.  Should be a crop ready to dig before long.

The potato plants are blooming, so I should be digging some spuds before long.

Can we say cucumber pickles anyone?

Can we say cucumber pickles anyone?

Blackberries are in our near future.

The blackberries can’t be far behind with all these flowers.

Got my deck baskets decked out with pretty petunias.

The deck baskets are sporting some pretty new petunias.


Blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry cobbler, or blueberries for the birds. You want to guess who gets to them first every year?

Love those spikes.White salviaGerber Daisy-a little dirty after the rains Yellow Asiatic lilies Tickseed Spiderwort-a nasty invasive plant, but I just love this white one. The amaryllis is beginning to look a little ragged.- Daylilies-a sign of warmer days. DSC_0316 Coreopsis The Purple Coral Bells are so pretty this year. DSC_0334 Serissa-a very attractive late spring blooming shrub. The backyard shade garden The Japanese Painted fern, one of the few non native ferns in my yard. DSC_0367  Rhodendron Ooh!

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