Where does the time go?

I thought I had a slow week coming up.  No big plans, nothing to take me away from the garden or the sewing room.  WRONG!

Monday was a lazy day due to the rain, but I got a little more sorting and sewing done in the basement.

Tuesday required a quick trip to D’ville to the fabric store after I discovered that the quilt mama pieced for one of the grandkids needed just a little more fabric for the lining than she had bought.

Today, someone donated a bunch of seeds for the save sharers cabinet at the Ag Center, so I spent the morning out there adding seeds to the cabinet and taking out the summer veggie seeds.  Tonight was family night supper at church, so I helped with that a while.  And while I was out that way I stopped by Lowe’s and picked up a gallon of paint for the bedroom I’m redoing.

Tomorrow I’m traveling with two of my also-out-of-their-minds friends halfway across the state to rescue plants from a bulldozer.  What time does 5:00 in the morning happen anyway?

Friday, it’s a trip to Bowdon to show mama some paint chips I collected so she can pick out new paint for her bedroom, which I’ll start on next week.

Saturday, I think I’ll take a break, right after I get my lettuce planted.

Looks like next week is shaping up to be a little busy too.  Boy, I love my life!


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