When Things Just Work Out

I love it when things just seem to work out, with everything falling into place. My native plant garden is doing just that. I walked out into the yard to tackle some planting this morning, and there were holes that had just appeared right beside each pot where I had planned to plant them. Isn’t that amazing?

I now have four kinds of native ferns, three kinds of native viburnum (what we used to call snowball bushes), PawPaw trees, Big Leaf and Umbrella Magnolia, Silverbells, Merrybells, Culver’s Root, Clethra, Virginia Sweetspire, and Devil’s Walking Stick planted. This rainy weather has made the ground so easy to work, that the planting is going great. I still have dozens of rescued plants in the nursery, but I’ll probably sell many of those at our Native Plant Society meeting.

Baking a pound cake then off to see Leslie and Bradley and the Braves tonight.

I am blessed with this life I’ve been given.

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