What a Wonderful World…..

What a wonderful world we live in.  We in the United States are so blessed, beyond all measure.

Here in my part of the world, I’m blessed with a wonderful family and friends, a great life during retirement, and the ability to still get out and do the things I love.

This week I went on a plant rescue with my native plant friends.  I got lots of great plants, many to be donated to the Buffalo Creek Nature Trail.  Next week, I’m off to a native plant nursery to buy trees and shrubs for the nature trail.  Volunteers will be planting many new trees and shrubs along the trail this fall.  We hope it will become a destination for anyone who loves a good hike along beautiful trails filled with native trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Tomorrow, Leslie and Bradley are coming over to spend the day.  We’re looking forward to seeing them.  Even though they live only an hour and a half away, it seems they’re always busy, or we’re caught up in something that prevents us from visiting.  I think this is definitely one place our lives could use some improvement.

I went today and got my hair ‘done’.  I have been very lax in getting it cut, and have decided to let it grow a little longer than usual.  Of course, when I start working outside and sweating (or glistening as my great grandmother would say), that longer hair may become shorter hair real quickly.

I enjoyed Wednesday night at church where we have started a study of the book of Revelation.  It’s both frightening and reassuring at the same time.

And I relay all of these humdrum things in my life just to point out that today, nobody looted a store in town, nobody lobbed  a rocket into our yard, no one has forced us from our home, we haven’t been exposed to any deadly diseases today.  What a wonderful world we live in.  If only everyone could live in a world like ours……..

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