Just when I thought it was going to cool off so I could get back into the yard full time, it becomes an inferno again.  But there is a promise of rain this weekend.  I’m gonna take them at their word and use my rain barrel water to water my newly planted stuff.  Hope it rains to refill them.

This morning I planted some of my fall garden.  First things first, I always say, so the rutabagas went in right away.  Collards will follow, with lettuce in a couple of weeks. I put in some tomatoes I had rooted from my old plants, and they are taking off.  Hope to have time to harvest a second crop before the first frost.

Took me two days and part of this morning to get all the rescued plants in pots.  I have about 150 plants to grow out for the native plant society sales.  Fly poison, tiarella, rattlesnake plantain, Jack in the Pulpit, native azaleas, native magnolias, and lots of others.  We’ll be having a plant sale at our September workshop, so plan to join us.  Ernest Koone, who owns a  native plant nursery in Lagrange will be speaking about native plants to use in the home landscape.  Also learn how to make a fairy house, a bit of whimsy for your garden.

And on a sad note, someone ran over our black racer snake.  He will be missed, but his passing will be celebrated by the chipmunks who will now proceed to burrow underneath my entire yard.


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