Something to think about….

Our Sunday School lesson last week was about how to deal with trials.  This week it was about resisting temptations.  Looking at Matthew 4 we learn that while Jesus wandered in the wilderness he was sorely tempted by Satan.  With each temptation, Jesus responded by quoting scripture.  Our week’s goal is to list those temptations that dangle like a fishing worm in front of a fish.  We can take a little nibble from the temptation without getting hooked.  But too many nibbles, and eventually we all get caught up in whatever is bad for us.  So this week, we’re all writing down those things that we encounter this week as temptations, then searching through the Bible to find just the right verses to call upon to help us resist those temptations.  Sounds like a plan to me!

And my first temptation?  Using my time unwisely all afternoon.  Gotta start searching for my verses!


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