Say it ain’t so!

DSC_1291Could it be possible that winter has arrived this second week of November?  Surely not.  It seems we just had summer-like weather just last week.  I know I was out planting and pouring cement just a few days ago.  Luckily, I got the veggie garden ready for the cold weather, with frost blankets on all the fall crops.  My new grow light rack in the basement is loaded down with houseplants from the back porch and pots from around the yard.  This will be my first year to try to carry over the outside pots.  We’ll see how that goes.  It sure would save me some cash next spring when I get antsy to plant pots for the summer.

I’ve taken cutting from some of the annuals such as geraniums, to be rooted and potted up for spring.  Never done that before either, but it’s worth a try!

I’m looking out the window at the crimson red leaves of the dogwoods, the brilliant yellows of the hickories, oaks, poplars, and the other fall colors that have been so incredible this year.  But the fountain tells me that all this will soon pass and I’ll be looking out at a landscape barren of foliage, and waiting for spring.  But then there are always the seed catalogs to brighten up my winter blahs.

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