My Chauffeur

My chauffeur drove me to D’ville today to buy fabric.  As if i don’t already have enough.  Just needed a little piece to finish up a quilt I’m making for my niece.  Hope to have it ready to take to her on my next visit.

Did a little shopping at Tuesday morning and Pier 1.

It’s  a great thing to have a chauffeur.  He drives and goes wherever I tell him to go, drops me right at the door, waits quietly in the store while I shop, then takes me to lunch.  Sometimes he even whips out his credit card and pays for my purchases.  He even encouraged me to buy a couple of frivolous things today.  He doesn’t even make note of my catnapping and snoring on the drive.  And when he drives me home, he  totes the packages into the house.  Not many people have a chauffeur that they love and appreciate like mine.  I’m a lucky person.

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