Let the festivities begin….

Sunday night my mother’s family kicked off their holiday traditions with a dinner out.  There were about forty of us.  The number dwindles every year, so it’s so important to not miss this!  Mama still has three of her sisters and one brother, and thankfully they were all able to come.

Tonight is the Native Plant Society’s Christmas meeting, with a short meeting, then tons of great food.  This is one of the most wonderful groups I’ve ever been involved with-no pretentious bones in any of their bodies, thoughtful, committed to our work of rescuing native plants, and just good all-round people.  I look forward to every meeting, rescue, board meeting, presentation we do.

Brandi will be home on Thursday, with our family stuff getting into full swing over the weekend at Gram’s house.  Scott’s family is such a joy to be with.

Still haven’t done all the decorating I usually do, but this year, I’m thankful for the small graces God has bestowed on me-a healthy mama, my sister, my children of whom I am so proud, Scott-who puts up with me.  My list goes on and on-no need to have a Santa list.  I’ve got everything I need to make me happy.

Hope everyone else out there can say the same.

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