Human again

When I’m human again
Only human again
When the world once more making sense
I’ll unwind for a change

In a shack by the sea
I’ll sit back sipping tea
Let my early retirement commence
Far from fool made of wax
I’ll get down to brass tacks and relax

When I am human again.


With thanks for the lyrics from Beauty and the Beast, my sentiments are well stated.   I feel human again.

I got my first real shower since Wednesday.  Washed my hair and now I feel human again.

I’ve made a couple of miles round trip through the house on my walker, and can lift my sore leg up onto the bed unassisted.  That’s a biggie.

Got dressed  by myself except for the non skid socks.

Fixed my own lunch, with much protesting from Scott.  He wants to baby me, but I don’t need babying, I need someone really heartless over here doing therapy.  But that’s for tomorrow.  I think this knee is gonna be easier that the other one.  Keeping my fingers, my toes, my eyes and anything else I can cross, crossed.


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