Here I go again….

I never seem to be satisfied.  I poured a stepping stone sidewalk last year, but it just never ‘felt right’.  It didn’t go in the exact path I most often walk when I turn at the corner of the garden fence.  So, today, I started digging up the stepping stones and giving them a little bit of a turn so it suits my needs better.  So now this opens up a sunny spot to put in an herb bed, which I’ve already started with several pots of different kinds of mint (all in stands so they can’t escape into the ground).  I’m adding some lavender tomorrow, some chives and sage.  Since it’s near the pollinator garden, I’ll be adding some parsley and fennel for the butterflies.

Scott was busy digging holes all morning for a native azalea, some clethra for the hummers, a native hibiscus, and a dwarf witch hazel.   I replanted my pots at the front garden gate.  Found some ready-made containers for half price at Lowe’s, so that’s what I put in.  Mustard, rosemary, alyssum, and snapdragons.

I already have four kinds of milkweed, but put in a fifth kind today.  Pretty yellow for the butterflies.  Also added some tall growing downy lobelia for the hummers and butterflies.  Last week i found a deal on a hard-to-find red native clematis which has small red bell shaped blooms with yellow tips that flare outward.  I planted it at the back of the garden fence.  Next year I’ll let it ramble across the fence near the milkweeds and the salvias that the butterflies and hummers like so much.

Tomorrow I’m putting in a very small ‘bog garden’, using a sweater box.  I bought some fragrant lady’s tresses at a native plant sale last week, and they like a moist place.  Since my yard is dry, dry, dry, I think the bog will be perfect for these little beauties.

I put in a nice big display of native Christmas ferns last week, along with some cinnamon ferns that I got on a rescue.

In about 2 years I should have all the current plants that are waiting patiently in my backyard nursery in the ground, if I can just refrain from buying and rescuing more.  Not much chance of that, since I’m going on two rescues over the next week.

I sure do wish I was one of those gardeners who makes a design of their yard and sticks with it.  But I bet that don’t have nearly as much fun as I do!


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