Decisions, decisions…

Okay, do I buy the $700 freezer, just because I’m lazy about defrosting the old one?  Or do I save that money to buy something else?  Well, this “Willow Mae Kemp” raised girl will keep the old one and spend this afternoon and evening cleaning out the old one.  I checked into the new models, and the frost free mostly have the digital readout for controlling temps.  I definitely won’t ever have that feature on my fridge or freezer again.  After a little over two years, the ‘mother board’ on our refrigerator  went out and it will cost almost $400 to replace it.  I’ll keep it as is until the temperature needs to be adjusted, then I’ll get rid of it and buy one without any bells or whistles and hope it will last a little longer.

Our front loading washing machine was also a real dud.  The plastic pull to open the door came off within a couple of months.  We had bought the extended warranty, but this was deemed ‘cosmetic’ so wasn’t covered by even the extended warranty.  Shortly after that, a piece of the plastic around the detergent dispenser broke and once again, it’s cosmetic.  No warranty.  I’ll never buy the extended warranty on an appliance, especially after I found out it kicks in at the same time as the manufacturer’s warranty.  So you have overlapping warranties, that don’t fix anything!  What a rip off.

Then I was told by one sales rep that the ‘platform’ for the life of almost all major appliances is 10 years.  That means they’re made to need replacement within ten years.  Whatever happened to appliances that last for years on end?  Does any manufacturer make a good reliable appliance anymore?  Is our whole world just going to be disposable?  What a waste of our resources, time, money, and my patience!

And for that matter, whatever happened to the pride in producing a good quality, great performing machine?  It’s not just appliances either.  Seems that everything is made cheaply while the prices just keep going up.


Okay, that’s off my chest, so I’m putting on my snowsuit and diving into the freezer.

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